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LPG tanks (Single hole or 4 Hole)

Although there are many shapes of LPG tanks, there are 2 other issues more often ignored.,
An LPG tank, in addition to its ability to store LPG als o has to achieve four other basic functions. By definition, the 4-hole tanks allow for all four of these additional features to be better controlled.

All LPG tanks are R6701 approved and LPG COP 2 std. and incorporate safety valves and the following connections:

  • Filling-hose connection with an 80% shut off.
  • Over-pressure relief valve which opens at ±30 bar.
  • A shut-off to close the tank electronically (solenoid) or in cheaper tanks by hand.
  • A Fuel Gauge, which gives an indication of the amount of LPG in the tank.
  • Enclosed with an air/gas -tight cover vented to fully avoid the possibility of LPG entering the car.

Our 4-hole tanks (our preferred LPG tank type) offer:

  • Large filler hole/feed to allow refuelling as fast as with petrol.
  • Separate fuel-level indicator.
  • Electronic, solenoid type shut off
  • Separate fuel to engine supply outlet.
  • Larger and separate over-pressure relief valve.
  • Supplied with all the above fitted and pre -pressurised to avoid contamination and ensured with perfect sealing.
  • Unique stainless steel tank straps (cylinder tank types) and appropriate mounting frames (all types).
  • Greatly reduced fitting time by simplifying installation and supplying a more complete system .
  • All the above aspects are preferred by professional installers.

Single hole tanks (supplied & used only by specific request) offer:

  • All of the above fittings, but in one multi-valve configuration. So smaller fill-feed pipe and smaller relief valve only are available (some would say too small).
  • Cheaper, & LPG shut-off is normally by thumb screw rather than the (preferred) electronic solenoid way as with 4-hole tanks.
  • Because supplied without any of the multi-valves fitted, open to atmosphere and so often pre stored outside, these tanks are also prone to being internally contaminated with damp, causing constant filter blockages and possible future leaks. Also the tanks tend to be factory paint-sprayed without the multi-valve hole-threads being covered, which can cause considerable difficulty in cleaning out threaded sections to fit the multi-valve.

The LPG tanks we stock exclusively for Rover application (other types are often available)

Cylindrical Tanks
The most common straight round tanks from 80ltr to 120ltr are all 4-hole type and are designed to fit under the parcel shelf behind the rear seats of a Range Rover (both Classic and New shape). The 80 litre can go north to south to minimise load space loss.

Ellipsoid Tanks

which we designed exclusively to fit conveniently into the petrol tank area - underneath, behind the
tow bar, and safely between the under-body chassis sections of Classic Range Rover, Land Rover and Discovery models. Furthermore, now conveniently suited to the Spare Wheel of ‘new shape’ Range Rovers by using our unique mounting cassette.

We are also further developing, our 80 litre ellipsoid tank, with a Petrol ‘combined tank’ for the ‘new shape’ Range Rover, to be used in conjunction with the above, giving a massive 160ltre capacity with no lost load space.


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