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LPG (Rover V8) How does it work?

Many would have you believe it is ‘highly technical’, ‘beyond comprehension’ and not for those less than fully trained. I have found the opposite to be true. Indeed, even the training offered - for a price - is often no more than a further gimick to gain even more of your money. Many so-called specialists are unconcerned with what standards are being met after you have left. We on the other hand keep checking till you get it right. This is even before the ‘single’ importer/system monopolising mentality of LPG conversions is considered.

Good training and assistance plus continued attention to standards is of paramount importance for all our installers, and full assistance for all ‘Self Fit’ systems is essential and an expectation of our highest standards and on-going support.

We also endeavour to make sure that you are fully aware of any other aspects of your engine (especially ignition system related components) are at least appropriate or in upgraded condition, to further ensure that none of the, otherwise avoidable, minor niggles of LPG use will be an issue for you.

Unlike those offering less than completely appropriate systems, we offer the best upgrade system and advice uniquely for the Rover V8, to significantly increase your engine’s performance over that of mo st pre-conversion levels. This, instead of the power losses, excuses and backfiring problems that so many others often deliver.

In this site, I have attempted to expose the simplicity of LPG conversion for the V8 engine in all its guises, and while I am happy to offer ‘Self fit kits’, it is an essential requirement that the system you fit is checked out (and possibly completed if need be) by us to appropriate standards, or by an LPG installer in your local area approved by us who is preferably also Rover V8 proficient. Unless, of course, you have previous experience and training with other LPG Systems.

We would never suggest you disconnect Sports mode, close up your plug gaps, drive more slowly, avoid kick down or rapid acceleration. We would, however, address relevant upgrades required to avoid such issues.

Our unique advantage with the Rover V8, is that it’s also imperative to realise that full knowledge of the engine and vehicle type and its fueling/ignition systems is just as important as knowledge of the LPG system conversion itself. This is why travelling to us is often your better option, ensuring you get the most from your conversion and in most cases more than you have already, even if it takes a day or two in worst case scenarios.

The Rover V8 engine is our speciality and this is why our systems not only use the best qulity and most appropriate components available (Itialian systems,imported from Belgium and Holland) and therefore are not reliant or tied by the difficulties experienced when trying to obtain stocks from UK-based, single -option supplier. Plus our own unique range of Rover V8 ignition and injection upgrades, ensures we have all the most appropriate parts for this specific engine’s type and needs.

While we can supply for all other vehicle engines, we do not have the same in -depth knowledge that we offer with V8 based LPG installations.

We offer exclusive LPG conversion equipment for all vehicles powered by the Rover V8 from 1968–2002, with all carb and injection types covered including the Gems Management types, the more recent Thor injection and even provide ‘Active Mixers’ for the 4 Barrel Carb models (Holly & Weber).


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