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So here we are again, it's summer 2003 and it's that magical Billing thing once again!

Sponsored by LRE & patronized by many thousands, we believe this is the best Land Rover show in the world! The 3 days of the Billing show once again brought together many thousands of individual Land Rover models and tens of thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world. The 'Spirit of Billing' not only lives on, but continues to grow year on year. I hope the few images and text we have put up helps you to form a greater appreciation of this very special event

The 'Spirit Of Billing' 2003 starts here

Just one of the many special exhibits this year at Billing

These Camel trophy guys always put on a great show at Billing, it must have taken them ages to dig a hole that deep! It puts a whole new perspective on the phrase 'dipping your headlights', but I guess they are just showing that almost anything is possible with a Landy!.

Not a 4x4, not even a 3x3

And I don't fancy sleeping in the tent in a high wind! Actually It's just one of those zany things that nutter folk turn up with every year.

The infamous, ex-RPi 101 forward control

Owned, designed, converted, piloted & maintained by Sue & Malcolm Woodruff.

Traveling in style

It's big, it's yellow, it's a ???

Our unique pipe 'compression' bender

One of our newest products on show was this unique pipe 'compression' bender.

We import them from the USA. A mere 7K enables you to easily make and modify exhaust systems, bespoke snorkels, roll cages or indeed any product using steel tube up to 3 inch diameter, including stainless.

If you are in the Land Rover, Kit car or indeed any area of individual vehicle bespoke upgrades, then this just has to be the best thing since sliced bread. For just 7K this Compression Bender will make all and everything you could ever dream of needing: Exhaust systems, Intake snorkels, Roll Cages, Coolant Pipes, even the marquee to show it all in, and with stainless systems costing 500+, huge profit margin potential as well as self sufficiency and ability gains should not be ignored.

off-road Landie RC 4/4 course

We brought along a little something for the kids to play with.

An off-road site in miniature; the mountains are made from upturned garden ponds with liberal amounts of sand and paint added, the foliage is all real, and there are some great little features around the track made by Sue & Malcolm Woodruff, owners of the 101.

As you can see it wasn't just the kids who were playing - eh Chris?

Seriously though, these scanty little Land Raiders are based on professional R/C bodies (Stadium racer) and go like the wind. They are also extremely robust, in fact the only one that got broken, was actually run over by a real full-size Range Rover, ouch!

It was quite a head turner, Whilst raising money for a good-cause charity too.

We designed our own Land Raider bodies as no serious R/C ones existed. We had a mould made, loosely based on a series and a 90, the result, a very usable and fun off-road racer, or, with the speed controller fitted, a highly maneuverable trails vehicle. They attracted huge crowds for the full 3 days and raised over 500 for a very worthy children's charity.

From this picture you should be able to get an idea of the scale of the RC off-road site.

Although late in the evening, folk are still wandering around, looking at the many thousands of Land Rovers and attractions that Billing offers..

This is the start section of the off-road course.

After emerging from the tunnel, you have to get to ground level. Controlling the speed is one of the biggest challenges in this section.

A challenging stage of the off-road Landie RC 4/4 course.

Unforgivingly & ultimetly challenging, If you get it wrong, then these powerful little Land Raider RCs would simply climb out, up the sides. Fortunately having a reverse gear, it is quite simple to get them back on track!

Some of the vehicles we had on display

This beautiful example of the series 1 Range Rover is absolutely stunning throughout.

It belongs to a great friend of ours, and at the heart of things is an RPi 4.6 V8 engine combined with a bespoke RPi LPG conversion. It's certainly, far better now than when it left the factory in the 70s - and for sure, worth a lot more too.

Our '91 Landy 110.

Hauled 3-4 tons of display stuff,/products, inc. our marquee and other equipment. On the roof, in the trailer behind, and crammed to capacity inside too! She is our very own faithful 4.6 V8 LPG-powered 110, & it's very gratifying, with its endless torque the 4.6 V8 [through a new ZFhp24 auto transmission] copes with it all in her stride..

Another one of the RPi V8 workhorses.

This one, although still only a stock 4.0, is now driven (poached) by the boss's Wife. So, as you would expect, it needs to be sheltered from the sun & rain and pampered daily!

Inside the 2003 RPi marquee.

This Land Rover 'lightweight' was awaiting a hand made exhaust system, not only made on site with our mandrel bender, but with 2 different silencer options that could be quickly swapped, demonstrating the versatility of the pipe, mandrel bender.

Meet Piglet!.

A very nice and well appointed Discovery with the added advantage of an RPi 4.6 V8 to help carry the extra weight of all those stickers, plus LPG economy to ensure even more stickers can be safely applied way into the future without significant speed loss.
What more could you want!!

Hiding in the background.

Another of our LPG-converted Discoveries, now 4.6 powered & demonstrating the many conversion options that are available.

Range rover.

This is our 5.2 Range Rover with sequential injection, with 164K miles on the clock & capable of 130mph (proven) with sequential injection and LPG economy, it beggers belief why on earth anyone would ever want a Diesel.

Some of our deplay pieces

One of our cutaway display engines.

It's great for showing all those parts and what they do.

Demo tank.

An inside view of a typical RPi / Practo 4 hole LPG tank. This ellipsoid 'demo' tank shows the shell strength, 1.5cm thick steel valve plate and inner workings that give maximum safety, 80% fill cut off, liquid gas syphon tube, and over pressure valve.

Another Demo tank.

Again showing the inner workings, and a leaflet on other unique Practo tank sizes available.

LPG tanks.

Until now, LPG tanks have only been available, 'round' or 'torpedo' shaped. Practo, however, are always looking for new innovations, checkout this new Practo PR8 tank design. By adding a central internal bulk head, tanks are now available offering maximum installation ground clearance and the ability to fit into even smaller spaces. This tank demonstrates the ability to have the fittings and gas box either on the side of the tank, or on either end.

The Spirit of Billing

Great deplays

Well that's one way to park it

Taking it easy

Where else could you see such relaxation. Another Billing day is drawing to a close, and the most dedicated now have time to relax & chat about the things that need chatting about.

Drive on Jeeves

Enjoying the day

There is no denying it

Billing is always a very special experience. Every year the undeniable unique spirit of this show continues to grow and those who experience it once, are almost certain to return.

Thank you!

I would like to extend my warmest appreciation once again (in addition to all of those that visited the RPi Stand) to the following people, without whom this year's show may not have been the complete success that it was once again.

Mark Wain - our exclusive LPG installer and Guru Niel Browning - who arrived in Piglet, (the RPi 4.6 V8 Discovery shown on our site). Austin Beeching-Smith - once again bringing his classic 4.6 restored MK1 Range Rover Nick O'Pray & Thomas Halling - from John Woolfe Racing. Demonstrating the many uses of the Mandrel Bender & making a complete system. for the lightweight shown on our stand. Sue & Malcolm Woodruff for their great work on the miniature off-road course. PTP staff - for their help with the static engine displays. Hans from Prackto - LPG Tank manufactures who came all the way from Belgium to show the new & latest LPG tank models. Mike Rodgers - once again, assisting us with organizing the stand & displays over the 3 days Anarin Crane - for the excellent catering, & all the RPi Engineering Staff & their friends who attended as well as assisted in all the preparations, workings and the dismantling of the show. John Utteridge - who has spent his own time putting this page up for us and also assisted with our show.


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